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Registration System


  • This form (Form 1 of the Registration System) collects information about the “Registrant”. The Registrant is the contact person for the Registration.
  • The next form (Form 2 of the Registration System) collects information about a recalled vehicle and the recalled vehicle's registered owner(s). You will need the recalled vehicle's VIN, the vehicle ownership registration, and the odometer reading in order to complete Form 2. If you do not have this information available, please complete Form 1 of the registration. You may return and complete Form 2 when you have collected this information.
  • Please note that a separate Form 2 is required for each recalled vehicle you are registering.
  • Although we use the term "Class Member" for the recalled vehicle's registered owner(s), only the court may determine who is a “Class Member”.
  • Information marked with an asterisk(*) is required.
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